Why not make your own Little Loco out of chocolate?

It’s easy to do and there’s no cooking.

For each loco you will need:

1 chocolate mini roll (this is for the main part of her body)

4 big chocolate buttons (wheels)

3 chocolate fingers (one for her chimney and two for rails)

a little bit of icing sugar with coco powder added to make it brown, mixed with a tiny splash of water – this will be your glue.

You now have the makings of a Little Loco in chocolate.

These are really easy to make – just stick your mini roll, buttons and chocolate fingers together like in the photograph with a little chocolate icing (either simple glace icing with coco powder added to icing sugar and a tea spoon of water or bought chocolate icing for decorating). You will get sticky fingers!

For a table centre piece you can always make a big version with a full-size chocolate Swiss roll for the boiler and mini rolls for the funnel.

The best thing is that you might have some chocolate fingers and buttons left over.