Adventurous Model Railway Plans by Alan Postlethwaite (second hand)


Title: Adventurous Model Railway Plans

Publisher: Patrick Stephens Ltd 2003

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition: Excellent


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From his experience, knowledge and love of railways, the author of this book has prepared 30 coloured model railway plans (see photos for contents). All but one (the author’s own scenic San Amji Railroad which spans his garage on three levels) are imaginary, inspired by studying other people’s layouts at exhibitions, in their homes and in magazines over the past five decades. The size of the layouts described and illustrated range from the transportable to the permanent club railway system, together with those for the attic and garden. The book is designed to inspire individuals and groups of enthusiasts to produce more advanced and appealing model railways, whether they are beginners or more experienced modellers.

Alan Postlethwaite is a Chartered Engineer and life-long lover of railways and model railways.


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