Little Loco’s Big Day


Little Loco’s Big Day
Written by Caroline Hardie and Illustrated by John Pickin
Published November 2023. 24pp. Paperback.
The book is suitable for children aged 6-7 or younger children to be read to.
‘Little Loco’s Big Day’ is the uplifting tale of the first locomotive, now known as Locomotion No.1, which ran on the Stockton & Darlington Railway. Steam powered with a mighty hoot, the nervous Little Loco has to pull wonky waggons along the railway on the opening day in 1825. Trouble brews when the wonky waggons grumble because they want to be pulled by horses, not locomotives. Herald the Horse is worried that he will be replaced by Little Loco and put in a horrible home for hopeless horses.
The book also has activities and at the end the fun facts tell the real story. There is a web site associated with it, where other activities can be found and even a song sung by a horse. The pictures are hilarious with lots of things to point at – look out for piles of steaming poo and a singing cat!

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The Stockton & Darlington Railway was the start of our modern railway network which went on spread across the world. The country will be celebrating 200 years since that momentous day in 2025. ‘Little Loco’s Big Day’ will be the first in a series all about Little Loco’s adventures. Given that she is nearly 200 years old, that could be a long series!
The author, Caroline Hardie, is an archaeologist and a specialist in the history of the Stockton & Darlington Railway. She is also a Trustee and editor for the Friends of the Stockton & Darlington Railway. John Pickin is also an archaeologist specialising in industrial archaeology.
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