Beam Engine Kit


An attractive model which shows how our machinery used to be driven by steam. It incorporates Watt’s linkage, which enabled James Watt to make the steam locomotive.

For confident kit builders.

Add paint or stain to really bring your model to life.

Finished model dimensions:
Width: 220mm
Height: 210mm
Depth: 130mm

When finished it can be made to move by turning the handle. Alternatively this model can be attached to a separate battery drive.



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All wooden parts are machine cut ready to assemble and glue is provided. This model can be left unpainted or it can be stained or painted. Suitable for anyone with confident modelling skills or the less confident with help. Instruction booklets are visual. No special tools are required.

This model kit is designed and made in the UK from sustainable New Zealand pine and bamboo and PVA glue.

As well as being great fun, a lovely ornament in the home or office, this wooden kit is also highly educational and particularly suitable for supporting the kinetics module in the Design Technology GCSE curriculum and also the Toy Design module in Key Stage 2 (for UK customers)



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