Beeswax candle featuring Locomotion No.1


Hand poured 100% British beeswax candle moulded from an original antique Darlington Bottling & Mineral Water Co Ltd bottle featuring Locomotion No.1. A great example of a local company being so proud of its railway heritage that they moulded the engine image on to every bottle. The candle is bottle-shaped (of course!) and 21 cm high and weighs a chunky 450g. It will create a beautiful golden flame with no nasty chemicals and will burn for a long time, although it is recommended that burning times are limited to four hours at a time.  These candles have been made especially made for us near the terminus of the S&DR’s Croft Branchline and the original bottle from which the mould was made was loaned to us by a resident of Fighting Cocks on the 1825 S&DR mainline.

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The DARLINGTON BOTTLING AND MINERAL WATER COMPANY LIMITED was incorporated in 1889 but has earlier origins. One of its later buildings dating to 1900 can still be seen on Gladstone Street in Darlington. It has lovely tilework.

Locomotion No.1 was the first steam locomotive to be commissioned by the Stockton & Darlington Railway and came into official operation on 27th September 1825 – the opening of the S&DR. It was designed by George Stephenson and made in the Stephenson Works in Forth Street Newcastle with the assistance of Timothy Hackworth.

  • Safety tips for burning your candle:
  • Keep the wicks well trimmed top prevent soot.
  • Burn your candle on the level on a fire resistant surface.
  • The candles will drip especially for the first few hours of a burn so sit them on something that will catch it. The wax will cool quickly.
  • Keep the candle within sight, do not burn near flammable materials.
  • Keep out of reach of pets, children, pyromaniacs.



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