Rocket 70% Dark Chocolate Bar with Citrus and Popping Candy


What’s award winning, hand made in Newcastle upon Tyne by Stephenson and called Rocket?

North Chocolate’s 70% dark chocolate with citrus & popping candy featuring Stephenson’s Rocket is the answer! And yes it is hand made by Bev Stephenson who lives just down the road from where George Stephenson lived with his son Robert between 1805-1823. This chocolate is very special with North Chocolates being awarded the accolade of ‘Artisan Hero of the Year 2019’ and former ‘Artisan Business of the Year’. Go on….add some pop to your Rocket!

This chocolate has less of the bad stuff (that’s sugar), absolutely no vegetable fats and simply more of the good stuff – ethically sourced and sustainable cocoa and cocoa butter. It is suitable for vegetarians, chocolate lovers everywhere, anyone who wants to celebrate the genius of the Stephensons and is 100% rocket popping gorgeous. 90gms weight. May contain nut traces.

Did we mention it is award winning?


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Stephenson’s Rocket was designed by Robert Stephenson in 1829 and built at the Forth Street Works of his company in Newcastle upon Tyne. The Rocket was an early steam locomotive of 0-2-2 wheel arrangement. It was built for and won the Rainhill Trials of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, held in October 1829 to show that improved locomotives would be more efficient than stationary steam engines.

Our taste test:

The Stationmaster says:

“Break off a single square and pop it in your mouth. Close your eyes and settle down into your chair. At first, the citrus flavours dominate with a fresh clean feeling that lifts the dark chocolate taste. As soon as the dark cocoa comes to the fore however, the popping starts. The person sitting opposite, 2m away, looks out the window. They think its hailstones bouncing off the paving outside. It isn’t. Your Rocket has just popped!”


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