Steam Train Scented Candle in a Tin

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Enjoy the nostalgic aroma of the age of steam in your own home with this scented candle in a tin. A complex but delightful scent that even someone who has no passion for steam trains will enjoy (yes, these people do exist!). It will happily do its thing in the living room, bedroom, study, man cave or modelling room – wherever. You don’t even need to light it to capture the aroma, just lift the lid and breathe.
Locally made in Northallerton, North Yorkshire by Julie who has fine olefactory skills.

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This candle does not contain coal, oakum nor the sweat taken from the brow of the engine driver or fireman. Its fragrance comes from more delicate things and was smell tested by noses on heritage railways. The top notes are floral and the smokey aroma drifts in below.

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4 reviews for Steam Train Scented Candle in a Tin

  1. Anne-Marie (verified owner)

    Wow recieved my order today and it was beautifully packed. Lots of care and attention to detail when it comes to ensuring the candle arrived in one piece. The hand written thank you note was a lovely touch. Looking forward to lighting this beauty and making our model railway on a shelf smell like being right there in the moment. Thank you once again for a wonderful service will certainly order again in the future.

  2. Becky Pidduck (verified owner)

    I’m quite disappointed, paid £7 for next day delivery when the postage stamp says it only cost £3.99.
    The candle itself smells nothing like anything to do with steam (I’m married to a steam fireman…we know what steam engines smell like!) the sticker isn’t even stuck on the candle straight! I bought this as a gift for a friend who makes his living from fixing steam engines and it’ll be embarrassing to give it to him!

    • Station Master

      Aww no! We are so sorry you were disappointed with your candle. This is our first bad review! Taking each of your concerns in turn. 1. The postage. We have two standard rates of postage. One at £3.95 for second class which suits most people, but for those in a hurry/panic there is one at £7 for first class (in your case we upgraded to 24 hour tracked). These rates apply for however many items you purchase, no matter how heavy they are, as long as they are going to the same address and of course they also include packaging. Our Delivery page sets all of this out. This is perfectly normal practice with online shopping. 2. The scent. The description on our web site is carefully worded to make it clear that the complex scent has top notes which are floral (bergamot is the magic ingredient) and the smokey aroma drifts in below. It isn’t possible to replicate the smell from a locomotive exactly (not safely anyway), but it should help to evoke the smell. I liken it to being in a passenger carriage behind a steam powered locomotive with a perfumed traveller beside me! (Incidentally, your review reminded me that I got a German Shepherd scented candle for Christmas. So I went off to sniff it and it is a lovely smell, but there is nothing pooch like about the pong. I’m actually quite grateful that it doesn’t smell of German Shepherd because I really wouldn’t want the house to smell like that). 3. The squint label. I am so sorry we missed this. We wrap each one up individually in tissue paper set within a tissue paper lined box to be posted out so I am surprised we didn’t notice the label. I would be happy to either send you another candle (I appreciate it will be too late now) or refund you. We really don’t want anyone to be disappointed.

  3. Dot

    Lovely Candle. Perfect balance between a wife wanting candles and the husband not liking them. Suits both worlds.

  4. Mike Quinn (verified owner)

    Nice smelling candle, very sweet and flowery.
    Sadly not a hint of “Steam Train”. I wasn’t really expecting it to smell like a Steam Engine, but I thought there would at least be a hint of coal coming from it.
    Burns really fast too, only lasted evenings.
    My wife loved it.😄

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