Vintage Great Western Railway Jigsaw featuring King George V Locomotive


Manufactured by Chad Valley Co. Ltd on behalf of the Great Western Railway. The box states ‘About 150 pieces’ – we counted and there are 149 – all the pieces are there, none are missing. The puzzle is in full colour with sturdy wooden pieces, great if your fingers are not as nimble as they used to be.  The box is in good condition given its age with some historic repairs to the corners – a good sign that it was well cared for.


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This jigsaw was part of a GWR series featuring their locomotives and places of interest.

The King George V was a really interesting engine, built in Swindon in 1927 and shipped to the Baltimore & Ohio to participate in their centenary celebrations the same year. During the celebrations it was presented with a bell and a plaque, and these are carried to this day. You can see the bell in the jigsaw puzzle. You can read more about it here. The engine is apparently still to be seen at the STEAM Railway Museum in Swindon where it is on loan from the NRM.

As with all early jigsaws, there seems to have been a certain amount of free style with the shape of the pieces so you never get the repeating patterns of modern jigsaws. It is quite challenging because the tiny image on the box cover is of very little help being so small and in black and white.

The Stationmaster says: “Curiously addictive. Nothing could be done until I had finished this jigsaw. All other jobs were sent up a siding or hit the buffers”.


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