John Betjeman on Trains


By Jonathan Glancey – John Betjeman on Trains

Hardcover, illustrated with black and white photographs.  Publication date 2006

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John Betjeman (1906-1984) was a lifelong railway enthusiast and considered that railways were a wonderful and civilised way of travelling through Britain. This delightful little book is a celebration of his love of railways and rail travel. Ten letters selected by his daughter, Candida Lycett Green, each describe a journey that he made or that he planned to make or that he planned for a friend or relative. Jonathan Glancey has added his own words to each letter; words that set the scene, bring the letters to life, that describe Betjeman’s moods – humorous, mischievous, brisk for business – and above all, remind us of the age of the steam locomotive in Britain and the many stations closed and track miles lost during the sixties and seventies.


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