Rare Photochrom Co Ltd Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle featuring The Royal Scot (vintage)


Card box (intact with brightly coloured border (slightly faded on the outside but colours still bright internally – see photos). Good chunky wooden pieces that don’t bend – great if you have fingers that are not as nimble as they used to be.

The box lid states it is ‘A Photocrom Jig-Saw Puzzle. A facsimile reproduction in colour photography of The “Royal Scot”. The famous Locomotive of the L.M.S. Railway reproduced in the fullest detail.

A Photochrom Puzzle de Luxe. All pieces guaranteed to interlock. 160 pieces (yes, they are all there – we counted them). Full size 22 ½  x 10-ins. All British Production.

Exclusive Copyright Production by Photochrom Company Ltd. 80, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4 & at Graphic Works, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Pre-loved. Puzzle pieces are in good condition. See photos for completed puzzle image.

Only 1 left in stock


Photochrom was a revolutionary process whereby black-and-white photographs were overprinted by multi-colour lithography, with up to fourteen different ink colours being applied in sequence to produce what the company claimed was “natural colour photography”. The Photochrom company was active from before the 1st World War down to the c.1950’s. The company exhibited at the 1947 British Industries Fair.



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