Shildon-Newport in Retrospect second hand book


Book in mint condition but second hand. Shildon-Newport in Retrospect – the Forerunner of Main Line Electrification by K.C.Appleby and published by The Railway Correspondence and Travel Society in 1990. Paperback, 91pp.

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The Shildon-Newport line was one of Britain”s most intensively worked freight routes. The author uses his detailed knowledge to bring alive its colourful history, from the early rivalry with the Stockton and Darlington Railway, through to the current scene. Sections give full details of the electrification system selection, the power supply and locomotives, and plans for the York-Newcastle electrification scheme. Train working and signalling arrangements are particularly readable with much inside information gleaned during a lengthy and varied railway career. The signalling diagrams are notable and a section includes the construction and operating of Tees yard.


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