Steam Train Face Mask for Children

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These bright red face masks with steam trains have been made just for children (over the age of 5). The masks are triple layered in response to the new variant of Covid which is more infectious and so an extra layer has been added as a precaution. (The World Health Organisation recommends a three-layer mask when people can’t socially distance). An internal wire across the bridge of the nose ensures a snug fit, helps to keep the mask in place and helps to prevent the excessive inflow and outflow of air. The rounded seam up the middle stops the fabric flattening against your face when you breath in. The inside fabric is a plain red. If you are having a non-train day (no!), you can reverse it.

These masks are beautiful, well designed and comfortable, but they are not medical grade masks.


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Care instructions: We recommend that you don’t tumble dry your mask because of the wire inside. Always check that the wire has not punctured the fabric before washing or wearing.100% cotton and able to be washed at 60 degrees.

These masks were made by Louise Goligher. Louise lost much of her income due to Covid and slipped through the net of government support. As she loved sewing, she took up making beautiful things including our face masks for adults, children and bandanas for dogs.


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Dimensions90 × 90 cm



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