Steam Train Scented Candle in a Tin (slightly wonky)

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Enjoy the nostalgic aroma of the age of steam in your own home with this scented candle in a tin. A complex but delightful scent that even someone who has no passion for steam trains will enjoy (yes, these people do exist!). It will happily do its thing in the living room, bedroom, study, man cave or modelling room – wherever. You don’t even need to light it to capture the aroma, just lift the lid and breathe.
Locally made in Northallerton, North Yorkshire by Julie who has fine olfactory skills.
As all candles are hand made, occasionally there is one that is a little wonky and the label is squint. The candle is the same steamy delight as with all the other candles, but because the label is squint we’ve knocked a quid off the price.

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This candle does not contain coal, oakum nor the sweat taken from the brow of the engine driver or fireman. Its fragrance comes from more delicate things and was smell tested by noses on the North York Moors Railway. The top notes are floral and the smokey aroma drifts in below.

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