Stephenson’s Rocket Key Ring


Stephenson’s Rocket Key Ring

The model is made from lead-free pewter and is attached to a quality key chain.

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Designed and made in the UK, this pewter keyring features a lovely model of Robert Stephenson’s Rocket. The Rocket was made in 1829 in order to participate in the Rainhill Trials organised by the Liverpool & Manchester Railway (L&MR) which was not yet up and running. The purpose of the Trials was to help choose a locomotive type to run the railway, although some senior figures on the Board still had reservations about using locomotives at all. The Rocket won the Trials and the L&MR went on to officially open on 15th September 1830 using locomotive power. The Rocket worked on the L&MR until 1834 and then transferred to Lord Carlisle’s Railway near Brampton in Cumbria.


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