The Stockton & Darlington Railway Whisky Tumblers


The Stockton & Darlington Railway Whisky Tumblers

The specially locomotive designed box includes a S&DR certificate of authenticity.

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Two whisky glasses with a heavy base. Each decorated with the Stockton & Darlington Railway Company Seal and in an attractive card box featuring Locomotion No.1.  Each glass holds 7.75 fl oz/22cl plenty of room for a wee dram and any ice, water or a mixer.


The Stockton & Darlington Railway Company Seal was adopted on the 25th May 1821. This was before the decision to use locomotives was made; horsepower was the initial mode of transport considered adequate to haul the waggons. Consequently, the original seal showed a horse drawing four waggons. The hills in the background were an exaggerated view of Brusselton Folly with the river Gaunless flowing along the valley bottom. The motto around the edge was Periculum Privatum Utilitas Publica (at private risk for public service) and was suggested by the Rev. Daniel Mitford Peacock of Great Stainton. Although the decision was made later to use locomotive power, thanks to the expertise of George Stephenson, the company never changed the image from horsepower to locomotive power.  Further, when the company seal was approved, there was no thought of passenger travel on the railway. This too changed so that the second Act of Parliament granted in 1823, authorised the use of locomotives and passenger travel. We have therefore updated the image and have replaced the horse with Locomotion No.1 and we have added the passenger coach Experiment – both used on the opening day on the 27th September 1825. Your whisky glasses feature this updated Stockton & Darlington Railway Company seal – exactly how we think they would have changed it, if only they had got around to it!


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