The Astonishment and Admiration Locomotion No.1 Mug


The Astonishment and Admiration Locomotion No.1 Mug.


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A good and chunky mug especially designed for the Stockton & Darlington Railway. The mug features a quote from a local newspaper about Locomotion No.1 on the opening day of the S&DR on the 27th September 1825; “she excited the astonishment and admiration of the country”. Well, we think this might fit a good number of women too, so a special gift for mothers, daughters, wives, lovers, aunts, godmothers, nieces, besties and of course locomotives. The mug also features a pattern extracted from Timothy Hackworth’s design for a plug wheel; this was a successful attempt to improve Stephenson’s wheel design on Locomotion No.1 and went on to be used on many early locomotives.

We like a mug that holds a good quantity of your favourite brew and is big enough to hug. The mug holds about 430ml or about ½ a pint. This style of mug is known as the Durham Mug and has a nice big handle. Plenty of room for the largest of hands with a healthy thirst. Just like an engine driver might need after a day on the plate.


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