Thomas and Friends Push and Learn Speaking Toy (pre-owned)


Cheerful and hard-working Thomas would like a new home and a new friend. He is in excellent condition and has had a thorough clean, so he is ready for pastures new. Press his funnel or a button and he’ll ask a question. He might ask his new friend to find a shape, a letter or a number or another character from the Thomas series. He’ll let you know if you got it right or wrong.Unboxed.

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My Push and Learn toy train has interactive buttons on both sides and features turning wheels for even more push along playtime fun.

Shapes featuring a square, circle, triangle and diamond have characters from the series on them with Thomas, James, Percy and the Fat Controller, along with a tick button and a cross button are on one side of the train.

Letters from the alphabet, “a”, “b”, “c”, “d” and numbers, “1”, “2”, “3”, “4” are on the other side of the number one blue engine.

Press on Thomas’ funnel to play the quiz and press a key to learn numbers, letters and colours.

Meet your favorite characters from Thomas and Friends and learn about shapes when Thomas asks little engines to “Find the Triangle”, “Find the Square”, “Find the Diamond” and “Find the Circle”. Learn letters, numbers, shapes, colours and develop sensory, observational and fine motor skills.

Sometimes he asks questions if he is being carried in a bag and this can lead to stares from passers-by! He asked “Where’s the Fat Controller?” from the back seat of the car and nearly caused an accident.

Battery operated (a battery is already included).   Max length 22.5cm. Max height 12.5 cm. Suitable for 18 months plus. Check out our extensive collection of second-hand Thomas books too.

What the station master says: “I’m pleased to say I passed all the questions with flying colours. Can I have a biscuit now?”


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