Is it OK to mention the ‘C’ word now? We’ve held off because promoting our wares too soon is just rude. However with just over a month to go until you-know-what, it seems fair game to encourage our discerning customers to consider supporting our small business by buying our sustainable goodies that celebrate our steam heritage.

Stocking Filler Ideas. These are our favourite kind of gifts. No rubbish landfill here, but quality little presents that snuggly fit inside your Christmas stocking. We have lots more, just browse using the Shop Now button on our web site.

For the young at heart we have little wooden clockwork trains in three different colours. At only £4.50 they won’t break the bank. Why not get one for the whole family and have locomotive races? If you buy three, we’ll make sure they are all different colours.

Not all of our products actually look like they have anything to do with railways and steam power so you can buy them for the non-railway enthusiast. Our azure blue and gold earrings and cufflinks are made of glass by Judith Gill of Stockton and were inspired by the two hole sleeper blocks used on the earliest railways. A little certificate explains the inspiration for their design.

Chocolate train bars slide comfortably into a stocking and the chocolate slides comfortably down your throat. Only £3.65.

We have a range of metal badges for your very own railway enthusiast whether they be stationmaster, train driver or someone with fond memories of British Rail. If you want to celebrate the start of the modern railways, then a Locomotion No.1 badge is perfect for you. All priced between £3 and £4.75.

Our vintage range changes all the time and you have to be quick to catch them. Our little espresso sized cups from the S&DR 1975 celebration would fit in a stocking and could be filled with something yummy. Maybe some chocolate trains? The cups are £20 and the chocolate trains £3.65. You could also do this with a 1975 trinket dish?

Vintage wares – why not fill with chocolate trains?

Hand knitted in the NE of England our little locomotive key rings are only a fiver. If you are after a S&DR keyring then we have Skerne Bridge ones at £3.50, or walnut ones with a leather strap commemorating the opening day of the S&DR at £15.00.

We have three different designs of pewter bookmark that will fit in the long leg part of your stocking. One celebrates George Stephenson, one Timothy Hackworth and one Locomotion No.1. Each bookmark comes in a black presentation box with a certificate explaining its design and the Hackworth one comes with an additional certificate authenticating it by Hackworth’s Great Great Grandaughter. Each one costs £13.

We are beginning to travel again and maybe we are heading off to visit family and friends over Christmas? Best stock up on S&DR travel sweets in a tin inspired by one produced for the 100th anniversary celebrations of the S&DFR in 1925. The lid features the opening day of the railway on the 27th September 1825 at Locomotion No.1 passed over the Skerne Bridge in Darlington. Only £4.50.

We have many more stocking fillers on our web page. If you click on the Shop Now button you will get all of our products on one page.