Winter is coming and so it’s time for tea (leaves), biscuits, chocolate and a steamy book.

Luckily we’ve got all sorts of railway inspired gifts that will see you through winter. Our Flying Scotsman tea, chocolate bars or S&DR biscuits can be bought on their own of teamed up with other goodies in our Railway Rations Hamper. The biscuits wrapper features a lovely painting of Hackworth’s house in Shildon with some of the early S&DR engines in steam outside by renowned railway artist John Wigston. Make sure you keep your tea warm too with our handknitted tea cosies made in Consett.

Ever wondered about the history of catering on trains? Maybe it is something you’d prefer to forget? Our blog is a quick introduction to its history – fascinating stuff. But not as fascinating at the history of toilets on trains, but that will have to wait for another day….

If tea is not your thing, take a look at our whisky tumbler set in a specially designed card box based on an 1827 lithograph of the opening day of the Stockton & Darlington Railway. And to complete the hygge feeling, set out your savoury nibbles on our sharing platter featuring Locomotion No.1. Not warm enough yet? Look out for our steam train hot water bottles covers coming soon. Yes really….we’ve thought of everything to make winter warm and cosy.

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The dark half of the year is also about candle light. We place tea lights behind our beautiful hand made glass curves  which creates a scene that flickers and glows. Or cast a glow from the Skerne Bridge night light harking back to 1827 when Locomotion No.1 trundled across the bridge followed by a passenger coach passing the newly built merchandising station. It’s not much use as a reading light though, but we have lots of reading materials old and new to see you through the dark nights.

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